Our story


I’m Sabina,

I’d like to introduce myself in a somewhat unconventional manner. I am 23 years old and a few years ago I began to delve deeper into self-confidence, self-love, and self-care concepts I’m sure resonate with many women.

Over the years, as I pursued my studies and career, I found myself unfulfilled, with little time left for personal enrichment. The desire to indulge in self-care and allow myself the time for personal growth was strong, but the path to doing so was unclear.

My found myself in a books, which I started reading every day. Books about self-love, self-confidence, and the strength of women. I realized that I wasn't the only one who was struggling with this problem. But if you dedicate time for yourself, give yourself love and attention, significantly improves everything around you.

In September 2022, I flew to Bali, leaving behind my job and studies to rediscover myself. This period was magical but challenging as well. However, it brought into my life what I had been seeking.

It was in Bali that I pondered: Why shouldn’t every woman prioritise herself? To focus on her feelings rather than others’ opinions? To feel confident, divine, irresistible, and above all, to exude the love she bestows upon herself.

My life shifted when I began to nurture myself with love. I understand just how challenging it can be to find time for oneself amidst life’s busyness and all the many responsibilities women juggle.

We, as women, inspire me profoundly. We deserve the utmost care to feel confident, both internally and externally.

This inspiration led me to introduce the MUSE brand to South Africa—a brand with profound significance. MUSE SELF-CARE LINGERIE transcends mere clothing; it’s an embodiment of self-care. It’s a NEW FORM OF SELF-CARE, an experience for women who wish to pamper themselves, to feel empowered and confident in their own skin.

Our generation grapples with body image issues. Lingerie, worn closest to our skin, serves as a constant reminder of our inner beauty.

Muse Lingerie reimagines the lingerie shopping experience, supporting self-care and bolstering women’s confidence. We’re also pioneering a novel concept—a monthly lingerie subscription. Each month, you’ll receive a luxurious mystery box filled with lingerie and gifts, a tangible reminder of the importance of self-care, complete with an inspirational card.

MUSE LINGERIE is a new chapter in self-care, designed for women to explore and embrace their passions month after month. We’re committed to promoting lingerie that celebrates women without sexualisation.

I am overjoyed to support women on their path to self-confidence and, through Muse Lingerie, to remind them of their unique beauty and worth.